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Wed, July 17, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
AYSK (Artists You Should Know)
AYSK (Artists You Should Know)

Vol 2 Starts in July! About this Event We had a lot of fun last time... Sign up to perform or come check out some new artists (and you'll see why)! INFO/SIGN-UP - AYSKARTIST@GMAIL.COM

- $10$

Upcoming Shows

Thu, July 18, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
Lil' Wyte with Statik G, Ian Taylor, Rhyme Sick
Lil' Wyte & Statik G with Ian Taylor $15.00 - $20.00
Sat, July 20, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
BIZZY BONE (Bone Thugs n Harmony) Carbon Monoxide Album Release Show with Indigenous Peoples
BIZZY BONE (Bone Thugs n Harmony) Carbon Monoxide Album Release Show

Bizzy Bone started his solo career in 1998. He is best known for his style of combining rapid fire raps, double harmony choruses, with a soft-spoken and high-pitched delivery. His solo debut, Heaven'z Movie, was critically acclaimed and certified Platinum by the RIAA. The Gift, released on April 7, 2001, peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart. Many of the songs on the album dealt with his personal life and childhood. In 2004, Bizzy released Alpha and Omega which showed a change in his musical and lyrical content. Fans responded positively to the album. Bizzy followed up with the limited-edition internet album The Beginning and the End (album). He has released several albums with little or no marketing.

- $18-150
Wed, July 24, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
AYSK (Artists You Should Know) with Seb EL Zin
AYSK (Artists You Should Know)

Vol 2 Starts in July! About this Event We had a lot of fun last time... Sign up to perform or come check out some new artists (and you'll see why)! INFO/SIGN-UP - AYSKARTIST@GMAIL.COM

- $10$
Thu, July 25, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm MDT )
Lydia Can't Breathe with A Light Divided, AMALGAM EFFECT
Lydia Can't Breathe w/ A Light Divided | The Amalgam Effect |and tba

Lydia Can’t Breathe is an American rock band from Central Florida, formed in 2005. It consists of Kyle Bolduc (lead vocals, guitar), Dan Wilson (guitar), Josh Runfeldt (drums) and Shawn Goree (bass). All the band members were born in the United States, and are known for their funny personalities. Dan emphasizes on the heavy sound with his guitar. Josh fits in comfortably with a variety of styles on drums, and Shawn fills in with a unique style of low end bass. Lead singer Kyle, is known widely amongst Lydia fans for his unique views that are expressed outspokenly in his lyrics. Along with their inapprehensible behavior while performing, together their styles combined make up Lydia Can’t Breathe. The band has achieved independent success with the release of their early production and full-length studio album (At The Bottom Of The Podum Stole) released under Spinnit Records. As LCB embraced new fans at home, they set out to experience life on the road. Collectively they have been able to drive more sales of albums and merchandise by playing hundreds of shows across the United States. Lydia Can’t Breathe has caused mayhem with bands such as; Otep, Mushroomhead, New Years Day, Stolen Babies, Soulfly, Bleeding Through, Born of Osiris, Oceano, Prong, Kill Whitney Dead, The Wretched, Skum of the Earth, Last Chance to Reason, SWWAATS, The Autum Offering, The Demonstration, Hell Within, The Architect, and Sleeping Giant. More recently, LCB toured the U.S. with Mushroomhead and Otep in 2013 while promoting their second full length studio album “Time.” All of these achievements have gained them a strong following amongst a diverse group of fans. The element of variety and level of experimentation in Lydia Can’t Breathe’s music has made them difficult to classify, but Lydia Can’t Breathe for the most part, has maintained a single style throughout their body of work. Their genre has been termed alternative metal, alternative rock, rock, experimental rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal, and progressive rock.

- $10-100
Fri, July 26, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm MDT )
Allan Roth (Rock In peace) - Memorial Show - Vol 1 with Railbenders, Carolyn's Mother, Irie Still, Mike River
Allan Roth (Rock In peace) - Memorial Show - Vol 1

On Monday, May 20th we found out that our patriarch Allan Roth had passed away peacefully at age 79 with family and friends by his side. Allan was a visionary business man, an iconic pioneer in the music world, a loving father, grandfather and family man, and a compassionate friend to many. Come celebrate his life and legacy with amazing bands! (The way HE would want) The Railbenders | Carolyn's Mother | Irie Still | Mike River

- $15-185
Sat, July 27, 2019 (6:00pm - 8:00pm MDT )
Dangerous Toys with SinFix, Messiahvore, ViprWitch, Two Minutes Darker
Dangerous Toys*SinFix*Messiahvore*ViperWitch And Two Minutes Darker

Hard-Rock band with often humorous lyrics, from Austin, Texas, USA. Founded in 1987. Current Line-up: Jason McMaster: Vocals Paul Lidel: Guitar Scott Dalhover: Guitar Mike Watson: Bass Mark Geary: Drums Former Members: Tim Trembley: Guitar Danny Aaron: Guitar Kevin Fowler: Guitar

Sun, July 28, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
Grendel - $15-125
Mon, July 29, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm MDT )
BILLY BIO (Biohazard // Powerflo) with Cutthroat, Pennysick, Seeds of Descent
BILLY BIO (Biohazard // Powerflo)

Billy Graziadei-BillyBio, Powerflo, Biohazard, Firewater Sound Studios Music has always been the central, unifying force in Billy Graziadei’s life. Early musical training took place on the Graziadei family’s old, forever out-of-tune upright piano. Billy’s desire to explore all forms and variations of music did not balance well with the authoritative doctrine employed by most of his music teachers. Rebelling from this rigid view of music, Billy began studying music under the guidance of his Grandfather and Uncle, both of whom he had always admired. Billy continued to study piano and expand his musical vocabulary while growing up, finding inspiration in so many forms of music but it wasn’t until he stumbled into the underground world of punk-rock music that his musical taste was really sparked into growth. Immersing himself in the sounds, perspective, and culture of the punk underground, Billy’s desire to create new, innovative music led him to the late 80’s hardcore scene in New York City. Sunday matinee hardcore shows at CBGB’s…Friday night metal shows at Brooklyn’s Lamour rock club. It was here that Billy found his musical home and it was here that Billy helped form a band that would take the metal/hard-core scene by storm….it was the birth of BIOHAZARD. BIOHAZARD combined the urban sounds of hard-core, metal and rap with scorching lyrics describing the forces at work in our modern urban lives. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years with 10 albums (on both indie and major labels), the band sold over 5 million records. With an audio engineering degree and years of experience recording Biohazard, Graziadei opened what would eventually become Firewater Studios. This studio became an incubator for Billy’s creativity, where he continues to cultivate his talent while producing up and coming bands. After years of touring, collecting experiences and stories to fill a lifetime, Graziadei ventured off to start a new group known as SUICIDE CITY. Suicide City was born in the cold winter of 2005. Graziadei brought together Jennifer Arroyo (ex-Kittie) on bass, singer Karl Bernholtz and guitarist Aj Marchetta from South Florida’s The Groovenicks along with Long Island’s skin basher Danny Lamagna. Drawing from his early Biohazard experiences, the “old” school musician applied his DIY work ethic that propelled his first band forward in the early days. Without the help of a label, distribution or management, Suicide City released their ep entitled, “Not my year” and sold over 8000 copies to date. With constant touring with bands such as Danzig, Mindless Self Indulgence, Taking Back Sunday, Gwar, The Horrorpops and Otep to name a few, the musicians have been paid their dues earned fans the real way, by kicking ass on stage! Suicide City went onto release their second studio effort on The End Records in 2005. The band began touring less and less and eventually split up thereby freeing up Graziadei for a Biohazard reunion with the original members in 2008. In early 2009 Boston hardcore band Blood for Blood approached Billy about joining the band in replacement for their second vocalist and guitarist. As a fan of the band and having watched the band come up since their inception, Graziadei joined the band and a world tour was announced. Spending most of the next several years touring with both bands, Billy found himself inundated with creative energy and would spent endless time in the studio working on new music, ideas and material. The Biohazard reunion eventually found the band back in the studio to work on an album that would eventually be entitled, “Reborn in Defiance”. Soon after it’s release and after some internal drama within Blood for Blood, Graziadei left the band to dedicate his full attention to Biohazard. After the departure of Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard, Graziadei put even more energy into rebuilding the band and with the addition of Scott Roberts on bass and 2ndvocal duty, the band was accepted worldwide! In 2016 Billy partnered up with long time friend Senen “Sendog” Reyes from the legendary band Cypress Hill. Sen and Billy joined forces with Downset guitarist Roy Lozano, Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde-Wolbers and Brazilian drummer Fernando Schaefer. The group released their debut self titled album Powerflo in June 2017. Graziadei continues to work on new Powerflo as they tour the world supporting their new venture. With the success of Powerflo and Sendog releasing a new Cypress Hill record, Graziadei found it a perfect time to release his first solo cd under BillyBio. With an incredibly successful tour supporting Life of Agony, Graziadei landed a deal with AFM records with a planned release of “Feed the Fire” due out Nov. 30th, 2018.

- $10-100
Tue, July 30, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm MDT )

Hailing from a sleepy seaside town in New England, rapper Spose has far exceeded the expectations for a musician from the isolated state of Maine, known more for it’s wildlife and horror authors than it’s hip-hop. Born Ryan M. Peters and raised in the coastal town of Wells, Spose debuted in 2008 with the self-released cult classic album “Preposterously Dank.” The album’s tone - simultaneously amusing and serious - resonated with listeners in his native New England. The defiant honesty in his lyrics, utilizing vivid working-class imagery and masterful storytelling, helped solidify Spose as a promising voice of his peers both in Maine and throughout the country. The album sold modestly but planted the seeds for Spose’s fervent fanbase. The follow up to “Preposterously Dank,” 2009’s mixtape collaboration with fellow Wells rapper Cam Groves, “We Smoked It All,” sold considerably better, mostly thanks to the surprise hit single “I’m Awesome.” The song grew from local radio play to a national sensation, selling over 800,000 copies, going “gold” just weeks after it’s release, and scoring Spose a recording deal with Universal-Republic Records and a publishing deal with Sony-ATV Publishing. The song has since appeared in many commercials, YouTube tributes, Facebook statuses, Spose’s nightmares, and most notably (profitably?) as the theme song to award-winning Canadian sitcom “Mr. D.” Spose not only wrote “I’m Awesome,” but much like most of Spose’s music, he also produced the track himself. Spose’s production credits appear on nearly three quarters of the songs in his prolific catalog. His unique, signature sound often balances the distorted guitars of alternative rock with the boom-bap of underground hiphop. As ArtistDirect wrote in 2010, “Think Jay-Z meets Weezer and you’ve got Spose.” Since the success of “I’m Awesome,” Spose has released five albums on his own PDank imprint, including 2012’s “The Audacity!”, which debuted number 5 on the iTunes hiphop chart. The success of “The Audacity!”, as well as the rest of Spose’s expansive discography, are due in large part to his dedicated following. Known today as the Spose Army, his once local fan base has bubbled to be comprised of a large international collective of Spose supporters. Recently, the Spose Army raised over $18,000.00 in a single day to support Spose after his tour van was robbed in St. Louis during a recent 37-date national tour. A ubiquitous figure in his home state and a cult hero throughout small towns across the United States, Spose continues to reach new milestones in his thriving march to middle class victory. In 2014, Spose saw viral success with an article he penned for humor website Cracked.com in which he detailed his experience in the music industry. The article was viewed, shared, and praised by hundreds of thousands of struggling musicians and industry insiders who applauded Spose’s honesty. Later in 2014, Spose found himself at the center of a political spat between Senator Susan Collins (R) and gubernatorial hopeful Mike Michaud (D) landing his song “The King of Maine” on NPR, CNN, Time Magazine, and Fox News. Spose has performed with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Weezer, and a bunch of other people you’ve probably heard of if you have ever listened to music in the United States. He’s also done a lot of other sweet shit and won a bunch of awards and plaques and stuff. In summer 2015, Spose will release his first album since 2013’s “The Peter Sparker Mixtape” and probably save the fucking world maybe. “The next great white rapper.” – Vibe Magazine

- $15
Wed, July 31, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm MDT )
Raven Black with Hydraform, Gurschach, Geezer, Liquid Titatium
Raven Black $7-10