Hints for Fans

Strumsy is designed to get the most out of your live music experiences. You’re going to get the most interactive experience if you use the App to request songs and give the bands incentives.


  1. Sign Up!
    By registering, you gain the ability to interact with the bands you’re watching perform. You can requests songs and even tip the band. All we need is a bit of information and you’re on your way to live requests. A PayPal account will greatly simplify your ability to leave tips. You can get one here: PayPal
  2. Refer your favorite bands.
    When your favorite bands are members of Strumsy (it’s free for bands!) they have the ability to post their gigs, and list their setlist songs so that fans can find them and request their favorite tunes.
  3. Request songs.
    Strumsy gives you the ability to request the songs you want to hear from the bands you’re watching; without leaving your seat! This will give the band valuable feedback as to the songs you want to hear and how much you want to hear them.
  4. Tip the band.
    If you like the vibe the band is providing you for your entertainment let them know by tipping them the amount you want. No need for cash.