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Strumsy: Making "live music near me that I like" easy to find.

We set out to create a site where people like us could go anywhere in the country and find local, live music nearby. We cater to local venues that support live music and musicians who provide neighborhood bars, restaurants and street corners with the gift of music.

Our ultimate goal is to have darn near every musical act on board so that every genre of music that’s being played near you will show up on our site. Giving a huge variety of choices for all different tastes to enjoy something right close by. Or, as close as possible!

You can dig below the surface to unleash the full power of the Strumsy platform. From being able to locate musical acts close to you in venues that have what you’re looking for, to being able to request songs and tip right from your mobile device, Strumsy is making seeing local live music better for everyone; venues, bands and fans. So look around, and contact us with any questions, suggestions or issues.