Hints for Bands


This is your tool; the goal is to give you a better feel for what your audience wants to hear and to make it easier to let them show their appreciation for your hard work.



Here’s how to get the most out of this tool:

  1. Sign up as a Band Admin or as a Band Member.
    1. Band Admins have the ability to set up everything needed for one or multiple bands. This includes song lists, gig dates, the genres your band plays and a catchy description that captures your band's vibe; it's also where you can invite band members. If you are a solo act, or will manage distribution of tips to the band as an Admin, there is no need to set up Band Members. If you want to automate the sharing of tips, you will also want to set up a Band Member account for yourself and have all the members of the band set up accounts—band admins are exclusive from band members and have different roles. Most bands find it simpler to just have a band admin.
    2. Band Members can join one or multiple bands, and have all the functionality of a Fan account as well (for when you're out enjoying other people play live music).
  2. Keep your Gig dates current!
    If they know you’re playing, they can plan to fill the house.
    1. Only bands with Gigs entered will have the ability to accept requests, updated live on their mobile device or tablet (or any other computer)!
    2. Bands with approaching Gigs will have their band image appear in the Strumsy header (big picture at top of the page--read, "free promotion").
    3. Make sure that you choose whether you will be accepting requests or not for each gig
  3. Keep your setlist songs current.
    People love to know what songs you can play and also love to request the songs that have a special meaning to them. Fans will be able to find you from your songs as well as when you’re playing, so keep them up to date. What better way for a fan to tip you than by requesting a song?
  4. Make sure your band image is flattering.
    Use the recommended resolution (990px by 330px or larger with a 3:1 aspect ratio) to come across professionally to your fans. If you need help doing this, contact us, and we can make sure you get that killer image.
  5. Enter your zip code in your band profile.
    This will make it so you come up under "local bands" in your area.
  6. Don’t be shy about mentioning the Strumsy application.
    Simply ask your audience to go to Strumsy.com and tell them that they will be able to request a song from your setlist. They will be prompted to install the application from an iOS or Android device—it’s free! At that point, they can request songs, and show their appreciation with tips.
  7. You can mention that they can tip you or your band.
    Or not, as your band prefers. It will be clear on the Strumsy site and application that they can tip you and request songs!
  8. Print a promo flyer customized for your band.
    From the band's "details" page. Just click on the desired band, and then click on the "Print Promo Flyer" button.
  9. Play requests.
    You will get notifications from the requests that come in. Fans getting caught up in the excitement of your performance really love to hear their requests played. Remember, if you’re playing gigs where you have a specific setlist and can’t take requests; turn off the ability for the fans to request songs for that gig.
  10. Strumsy helps your tentative fans.
    Some fans are reluctant to approach the stage and request a song or tip and not everybody carries cash. Strumsy makes it easy for hesitant people or folks without actual cash to request songs and to tip!