About Strumsy

Live music. It’s what we love. The energy, the passion, the feeling we get when the right chords come together in just that way that invokes feelings and memories like nothing else. The way the beat of a drum can accelerate the beat of our hearts and energize us. Certain notes singers hit in songs can bring goose bumps and tears. We want to make this happen for everyone.

At Strumsy we want to make it better for bands, venues and fans. Easier for fans to find bands they’ll like, easier for them to explore music that they haven’t listened to, simpler to find the places that have live music, and easier for everyone to get what they love out of a night’s live music.

Become a member of the community that helps people find bands that they like, at spots they might not know about yet, and plan their outings to catch bands that they love and cover-bands that play their favorite songs. We did this with the fans, bands and the venues in mind. To give fans the ability to appreciate great music, and to give the bands the ability to know their fans, and know what their fans love about the music they make while giving venues an easy way to reach new patrons.

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