How Strumsy Works

  • Fan accounts are free!
  • Catch Local Live Shows Located by GPS
  • Follow your Favorite Bands—
    we'll tell you when they're right down the street!
  • Request Songs from your Mobile Device
  • Tip Bands from your Mobile Device
  • Find bands by songs played or genres
  • Frequent venues that support live music

Fan details...

  • Band accounts are free!
  • Enter gigs with our streamlined entry form
  • Use Strumsy's free online gig-promotion engine
  • Automatically show your schedule on your web site!
  • Upload song lists for requests
  • Get Tipped from mobile devices!
  • Manage one or more bands

Band details...

  • Enter Shows and Promote your location with our included online marketing.
  • Help Pack the Place; feature offers on your page at no extra cost.
  • Display upcoming shows—automatically on Strumsy and your website!
  • We're not in the business of processing reviews...Tell your story.

Venue details..


Strumsy is the place that Fans & Bands Groove in Live Music 2.0. We've put a ton of effort in optimizing the way that bands can communicate their schedules and songs to their fans, and fans can find their favorite bands and request their favorite songs. If you think of a feature you'd like added, contact us and let us know what it is and we'll do the best we can to incorporate it into our application.



If you’re a Venue:

  1. Sign up and specify that you are a venue that would like to be listed with a featured image
  2. Submit all your information. We will approve the listing which will give you a dedicated venue page including a website link, description of your location, a featured image and a map to your location.
  3. Set up your premium Venue Page, enter your show schedule and have it broadcast to over 1500 websites nationwide, many in your area!
  4. Use your Strumsy page for special promotions custom tailored to patrons that appreciate live music.


If you’re a Band Admin:

  1. First, sign up for an account; choose Role as Band Admin
  2. Add your Band(s)
  3. Invite your Members. If they are not in Strumsy, they will be emailed invitations
  4. Set up your preferred Distribution
  5. Upload a Band Featured Image for each band. 990px by 330px is ideal, but any image larger than 990px wide with a 3:1 aspect ratio will work. e.g. 1500x500 like a Twitter header.
  6. Upload a description of your band(s) that will entice new fans
  7. Enter the songs for each band that are part of your repertoire
    1. Give your fans a good idea of what you play
    2. Fans can request these songs and will be tipping you for them
  8. Enter your upcoming gigs
    1. Most likely, you’ll see your venues in the drop-down venue list, but if you’re playing at a new venue, you will be able to enter the information of that public place and make it part of the selectable locations (favorites).
    2. Only bands with Gigs entered will have the ability to accept requests, updated live on their mobile device or tablet (or any other computer if you carry one to your gigs)!
    3. Bands with approaching Gigs will have their band image appear in the Strumsy header (big picture at top of the page--read, "free promotion").
    4. This is an important part of ensuring that Strumsy is the most current and accurate place for your fans to see where and when you’re playing. Incentives will be available for bands that do a great job of keeping their schedules updated even if they don’t have any gigs in a particular stretch of time.
    5. Make sure that you choose whether you will be accepting requests or not for each gig
  9. Set up a payment account
    1. You will be receiving tips through Strumsy, so you will need a PayPal account to accept those tips. Need to set up a PayPal account? It's easy! Go to PayPal.
      1. A service fee is charged for each "tip" processed. The fee charged per transaction for the use of the payment processor via PayPal or Credit Card or any other Third Party payment portal and the convenience fee charged by US can be found on the listed Fee Schedule. The remaining payment will then be split as defined by the Band Administrator in the User DASHBOARD when distributing Band Member shares.
  10. It's best to have a mobile device that you can receive request notifications and tip notifications on in real-time while you're playing. Strumsy has both an Android and an IOS app
  11. Tell your fans about Strumsy at your gigs so they can make requests and watch as your dialogue with your fans increases the value of your gigs.



If you’re a Band Member:

  1. First, sign up and choose the Role "Band Member"
  2. Join your Band(s)
  3. If you don't already have one, set up a PayPal account to get and give tips (you have all the privileges of a Fan). Need to set up a PayPal account? It's easy! Go to PayPal


If you’re a Fan

  1. Sign up for a User account
  2. Search for bands, you know, genres you like to hear or songs that you like and find out where to catch the act.
  3. Set up an account so that you can request your songs and tip the bands
  4. Set up a PayPal account so you can show your appreciation to the bands you love. Need to set up a PayPal account? It's easy! Go to PayPal.