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Sun, June 30, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm CDT )
Powerman 5000
POWERMAN 5000: 'Tonight the Stars Revolt' 20th Anniversary

The original incarnation of POWERMAN 5000 took shape in Boston Massachusetts, where the group racked up a multitude of local gigs and produced two independent CD releases, 1994's True Force and 95's The Blood Splat Rating System. An unrivaled work ethic and growing legion of fans helped secure the band's dominance in the Boston rock scene, as well as creating a must-have commodity for many major labels. 1997 was a big year for Spider and company; it saw them sign with DreamWorks Records, relocate to Los Angeles and release their major label debut, Mega!! Kung Fu Radio. A year of touring with the likes of Marilyn Manson, Korn and Ozzfest followed, giving them national exposure and further strengthening the bands fan base. Their follow up, 1999's Tonight The Stars Revolt!, featuring the hits "When Worlds Collide" and "Nobody's Real" went on to sell more than a million copies . "Tonight The Stars Revolt! changed everything." Spider recalls. "Suddenly we went from being this weird little underground band to having our faces on MTV and our songs played nationwide." On April 7, 2009, Powerman 5000 released a blog on their MySpace page stating that Anyone For Doomsday? has officially been re-released. The legal battle ended and the album was released under the SKG Music License. The album is available on iTunes as a digital download. On April 21st, the band released "V is for Vampire", the second single from their upcoming album, which is planned for a summer release.

Wed, July 3, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm CDT )
David Allan Coe

A life-long renegade, singer/songwriter David Allan Coe was one of the most colorful and unpredictable characters in country music history. One of the pioneering artists of the outlaw country movement of the '70s, he didn't have many big hits -- only three of his singles hit the Top Ten -- but he was among the biggest cult figures in country music throughout his career. He was born September 6, 1939 in Akron, Ohio.

Sat, July 6, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm CDT )
4th Annual Neon Glow Party with Lil' Flip, DJ Versus and Lady Versus, Hosted by Heavy
Sun, July 7, 2019 (6:00pm - 8:00pm CDT )
Betraying The Martyrs with Entheos, Within Destruction, Sentinels, Defying Decay

BETRAYING THE MARTYRS is a six-piece fine-tuned killing machine that has a refreshing attitude to modern metal that is certain to take the music scene by storm. Here's the deal everyone - if you have not checked out Paris France's own BETRAYING THE MARTYRS yet, then you are simply missing out on one of our favorite records of the year! Check out "Breathe In Life" available now at Hot Topic and FYE as well as online! BTM will be coming over to the US for their first time EVER on "The Discovery US Tour" w/ Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, Carnifex and Structures!

Sun, July 14, 2019 (6:00pm - 8:00pm CDT )
Holy Grail with Striker, Bewitcher, Black Thorn Halo, Runescarred

Like many of the legendary bands whose influences they wear on their tattered sleeves, the Los Angeles quintet HOLY GRAIL made an immediate impact when they exploded onto the metal scene in 2009. Here were five immortal men who fought to kill, armed with an infectious sound – a mix of classic heavy metal and modern sensibilities – sure to win over even the most jaded of cynics. As if on cue, metal media around the world swooned immediately. Metal Hammer UK nominated HOLY GRAIL for their "best new band" Golden Gods Award based solely on the two original tracks that appeared on their debut EP "Improper Burial", while the group was invited to perform at major worldwide events such as the Wacken:Open:Air (Germany) and Download Festival (UK) before their full-length debut was even finished being recorded. When their full-length debut "Crisis In Utopia" was finally released in late 2010, it was clear from the opening notes on that HOLY GRAIL's music is their silver bullet. The album reasserted the group's potential and earned the band a new round of critical acclaim, with Revolver Magazine naming the release one of 2010′s Top 20 albums. Hereafter, the group hit the road for a nearly two-year touring cycle during which guitarist Alex Lee (ex-BONDED BY BLOOD) joined the fold and the band performed alongside the likes of BLIND GUARDIAN, ELUVEITIE and DRAGONFORCE, among others. In addition, they further developed a burgeoning international fan base by touring Japan, Australia and the UK. If "Crisis In Utopia" hinted at what HOLY GRAIL could achieve, new album "Ride The Void" shouts it through a megaphone. Gone are sword-and-steel odes to Valhalla; in their place are morbid tales of serial killers. Indeed, producer Matt Hyde (SLAYER, CHILDREN OF BODOM) brought out a darker, hungrier side of the band than many have heard to date – yet musically, they're more exhilarating than ever: Witness the galloping riff of "Dark Passenger", the betcha-can't-play-this exuberance of the opening lick of "Too Decayed To Wait" or the unexpected triumphant and melodic solo in "The Great Artifice". Perhaps more importantly, the album sees HOLY GRAIL continue to expand the limits of their sound by incorporating classical guitar ("Wake Me When It's Over"), a cinematic, QUEEN-like vocal intro (the otherwise anthemic "Sleep of Virtue"), a trance-like guitar loop ("Silence The Scream") that cleverly belies the lyrical content it introduces, and a moody finale ("Rains of Sorrow") inspired by a family member's battle with cancer. Someone pretty might catch your attention, but only someone special can keep it. HOLY GRAIL could have easily written an album filled with lovable tales of mead-chugging knights-on-horseback, but instead, they pushed themselves further – and in the end, created an unforgettable collection of timeless metal anthems that not only validates the early praise they received, but creates an exciting question: Where will they go from here? For now, though, buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Sat, July 20, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm CDT )
Dangerous Toys with Snake Skin Prison, Midnight Killers, Vicious Cycle

WILLIAM JASON MCMASTER - born 3/18/1965 in Corpus Christi, Texas Jason is a fan of all music. He found his way around the music world on his family's record collections, and seemed to grow towards Elton John, Kiss, Queen and any over the top styles. Certain things seemingly found their way into his personal collection of music. The birth of punk and early heavy metal was making its way into pop culture around the time Jason was a young teen, learning songs by lifting and dropping of the needle into the grooves of his fave records after school and weekends. Growing up with three brothers who all loved music, influences abound throughout the household. Jason started on his music career armed with his brothers 3/4 size acoustic guitar and a Kay brand bass guitar bought by mother and oldest brother. Playing early shows in backyards and veteran halls, he was only immulating his idols and what he loved about them on the records, as well as pictures in Circus and Hit Parader. Little did he or anyone in his family know, he would be in the pages of those magazines a decade later. 1978-79-first band called RAMPAGE, as bassist. 1980 moved to Austin, TX to play music. ("I feel like my musical life didn't even start until that moment"). 1981 started band, FALLEN ANGEL-bass/vocals .entering the already budding Austin music scene playing covers, still only 17/18 years old. 1980 moved to Austin, TX to play music. ("I feel like my musical life didn't even start until that moment"). 1981 started band, FALLEN ANGEL-bass/vocals .entering the already budding Austin music scene playing covers, still only 17/18 years old. 1982 joined WATCH TOWER, and cut his teeth as a front man for what would grow to be massively influential on some of the biggest names in rock music,("technical thrash metal" long before genre specific names such as math metal or progressive metal )- the band opened for most of the band that went on to make successful gold and platinum careers in the genre of heavy metal, some of those are SLAYER, ANTHRAX,TROUBLE, KING DIAMOND and more... Bands that cite WATCH TOWER as an influence publicly-DREAM THEATER, CYNIC, DEATH.... Watch Tower continues to be legendary in being publicly proclaimed by press and historians in the genre of metal/rock, as "Pioneers of progressive thrash metal". 1985- Watch Tower releases debut-Energetic Disassembly.(Jason Vocals) 1988- At age 23/24...McMaster leaves Watch Tower -and joined cock rock/hard rock, glam rock band, DANGEROUS TOYS, as front man/song writer. Signed to CBS in 1988 (was a year later bought by Sony music) Columbia records. Two number one MTV videos in 1989 from debut self titled release May 9, 1989 - Dangerous Toys has two gold sales awards on Columbia Records. (Self titled 1989 and 'Hellacious Acres 1991) Dangerous toys toured with rock icons The Cult, L.A. Guns, Warrant, and Kix as well as Motorhead, Judas Priest, Metal Church, and Alice Cooper on a Sony music summer tour(Operation Rock N Roll) upon the release of the bands sophomore release, Hellacious Acres. Dangerous Toys rides out a successful touring career, but opts out of SONY deal by 1992, for a smaller DIY Independent recording deal with Antones/DMZ label by 1993 through 1996 in hometown Austin. The band released two more studio recordings,1994-"Pissed", and 1995 "The R-tist $-merly Known as Dangerous Toys", both were re-issued in 1999, as well as a collection of live recordings, "Vitamins and Crashhelmets Tour-Greatest Hits Live" on Deadline/Cleopatra Records, worldwide. The 1999 live record included 7 tracks taken from Westwood One's "King Biscuit Flower Hour", taken from a concert recorded the Orpheum theater in Oct.1989. 1997 Jason joins San Antonio based, The UNION UNDERGROUND, as bass guitarist for a two year stint The same year, McMaster joins Austin industrial metal band, TERMINAL 46, on guitar, for a two year stint. By the end of 1998, McMaster joins forces with a new act, GAHDZILLA MOTOR COMPANY, as bassist/front man-lead singer/songwriter. in order to write and record with GMC, Jason leaves both T-46 and U/U. GAHDZILLA MOTOR COMPANY- records 17 songs for two records worth of material, and between 1999 and 2003, becomes a favorite among heavy metal collectors of unreleased demos, etc, underground label executives, and press pundits, as '"the next big thing". described by some publicly in press as "Sci-Fi- Metallica". 1998- March of that year... Jason Is inducted into the "Texas Music Hall of Fame" at the Austin Chronicle's 1998 "Austin Music Awards". 1999 WATCH TOWER reunites to record a cover song for a tribute to the popular German metal band ACCEPT, for a tribute CD for Nuclear Blast Records (Germany) 2000 Watchtower is asked to play the popular German metal festival, Bang Your head, in Balingen, summer of 2000, with the Scorpions, Saxon, and UDO ( former lead vocalist for ACCEPT) and many other European metal bands that were early influences of Watch Tower. 1999- Jason forms BROKEN TEETH, with the release of a studio project produced by Perris Records, soon becomes a full fledged band/ live act. Broken Teeth now has successfully toured the US doing easily over 1000 shows since 2003, with 5 worldwide full length releases, as well as two DVD concert videos. 2001- McMaster is ordained. Non-Denominational. (Nicknamed, "Pastor McMaster from the Church of Disaster" by fellow band mate, Scott Dalhover- Dangerous Toys) 2002- McMaster has his own show on "The Austin Music Network"- THE HARD SHOW- where he made home playing all rock and metal/punk videos for Austin cable channel 15. 2004- Watch Tower is invited to headline the "Headway festival" in Amstelveen Holland. Show held at P-60 in Amstelveen near Amsterdam in summer 2004. 2005 McMaster is called by long time friend and drummer for the progressive rock group Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, to be the vocalist for a Tribute to Canadian band, RUSH, for a one night only performance at the Vic Theater in downtown Chicago, Il.- the show was recorded live and on film, and is available on DVD and CD at www.mikeportnoy.com. Other musicians included in the project were guitarist/virtuoso - Paul Gilbert (RacerX and Mr. Big), and Sean Malone on bass (Jazz theory instructor at the University of Florida, and bassist for progressive metal group, Cynic) 2007 Jason is Hired as premiere Vocal Instructor at the "School of Rock" Austin chapter, a corporate music school for kids focusing on rock, punk, glam, and heavy metal. (The School of Rock works with the community to help build confidence and social skills among young people through rock music, with 50 schools nationwide). 2008 McMaster joins gothic power metal band IGNITOR as front man and releases "The Spider Queen" on Heavy Artillery records in the USA and Canada, and on Cruz Del Sur records in Europe and other territories. IGNITOR is recording a second effort with Jason fronting with a working title of "Shadow of the Needle". set for release in 2011. 2010- New Broken Teeth-"Viva la Rock, Fantastico" is released. Perris Records, Worldwide. -New Ignitor- the Spider Queen is released. 2010- New Dangerous Toys- "XX" -20th Year Anniversary Celebration- DVD is released on MVD, Worldwide. 2010-McMaster is honored a star and is inducted into the "South Texas Music Walk of Fame", in hometwon Corpus Christi,Tx. -Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Concert is set for June 3, 2011. 2011- EVIL UNITED. Release Self Tiled full lenmght on MVD Worldwide 2013- Ignitor Releases "Mixtape '85", A 70's and 80's Thrash and Classic Metal covers album 2013 Broken Teeth and Evil United release singles for Pre Full Length Downloads. Broken Teeth-Devil on the Road and Flamethrower...Evil United- Viking Funeral -Throughout his career, Jason has contributed to many Tribute CD's and Video Cameos, by many artists, as well as featured singer/back up singer, percussionist, bassist, too numerous to mention. (Including some of the biggest names in rock in some of these collaborations.) Some include members of Skidrow, Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart band), George Lynch (Dokken), etc…

Wed, July 31, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm CDT )
Seven Spires with The Mystical Hot Chocolate Endeavors, Deocculted
Wed, August 7, 2019 (8:00pm - 10:00pm CDT )

MIYAVI is gaining recognition around the world for his unconventional style of playing the guitar—not with a pick, but with his fingers and his “slap style,” which is like no other. MIYAVI has four successful world tours under his belt, totaling more than 250 shows in 30 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. With his acting debut in “Unbroken” directed by Angelina Jolie(2014), MIYAVI was inspired by the message of peace which he himself has strived for; he has been able to use all his performing abilities this time as an actor who considers his body and soul to be his instrument. In January 2015, he performed “Let Go” on Ellen DeGeneres show, from his latest album “The Others”, which was recorded entirely in Nashville and in L.A. Consistently aiming for the next level, fans refer to MIYAVI as the “Samurai Guitarist.”

$31.00 - $76.00