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Sat, August 17, 2019 (7:00pm - 1:00am PDT Sunday)
Mike Xavier with Charlie Muse, Ulysses X Indka
Mike Xavier

It’s rare to find a hip-hop artist who appeals to everyone from all walks of life. Xavier does just that, proving himself to be that unique artist through his vivid, poetic and real life – though upbeat and optimistic – lyrics. Xavier’s generation-defying appeal comes in part because of his live band. A gifted, smooth and well-trained group that includes trumpet, keys, bass, and drums. After years of performing alongside a DJ, Xavier decided it was time to task a crew of expert instrumentalists to help him create a live experience that’s unparalleled in the world of hip-hop. They gently wrap his insightful lyrics in energetic and accessible jazz that consistently captivates crowds of all ages. While the band’s smooth, patient strumming draws you in, the lyrical portrait Xavier paints of this often gritty world is what leaves audiences of all backgrounds feeling they’re one with a peer or someone who has genuinely lived in their dirt-stained shoes. That’s because they are: Xavier is all of us.Before Xavier ever opened up for Hip Hop pioneers such as; Mobb Deep, KRS-One, Tech N9NE and Rakim, he was raised in Los Angeles by a single mother and eventually wound up homeless – sleeping in his car until he could make a few dollars to lay his head on an actual pillow. The life lessons he first learned on the streets of L.A pour out when he’s on stage. When Xavier performs his acclaimed song “Sunshine,” it's clear that he longs to be a good father and a positive role model. “We just got to teach our kids they can change the world,” Xavier raps with his calm though upbeat tone. “They used to tell me, ‘Try them drugs.’ I ain’t never try it.” Xavier’s heart doesn’t just pour out in his lyrics; he also backs it up with action. He organized an event to feed the homeless, and held his second annual Toy Drive, which brought out some of Las Vegas’ best talent to pay it forward for children in need. Mike has been a Keynote Speaker for the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation and has also performed for the neglected and abused children who live at St. Jude's Ranch. In addition to the above, Xavier has partnered with the Subversive Music Foundation for the second year to raise over $80,000 to provide scholarships for music education + studio time to promote respectful, non-violent drug-free music to underprivileged youth. With interviews and performances on popular TV outlets such as FOX, NBC, and ABC News, Xavier has expanded his reach to the masses. In 2018 Xavier partnered with Toyota for a special performance, and also shared the bill with world-renowned artists such as The Weeknd, Florence + The Machine, and Travis Scott at The Life Is Beautiful Music Festival. His success has quickly carried over into 2019 with the release of his new album titled 'Still Dreaming,' and a sold-out show at Vinyl Las Vegas, a 750 capacity venue located inside the famed Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

$15.00 - $328.13

Upcoming Shows

Sun, August 18, 2019 (6:30pm - 1:00am PDT Monday)
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic with Dumpstaphunk, Fishbone, Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf
One Nation Under Groove Tour Ft. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

The Godfather of Funk. Think of George Clinton and you’ll likely conjure an image of a crazy black man with rainbow dreads and garb befitting a galactic shaman literally barking at phat bottomed girls with a sub-atomic “WOOF!” This lovable nutcase is the legendary and internationally renowned grandfather of funk and the founder of the Parliament-Funkadelic MOB, taking the sonic innovations of James Brown and Sly Stone to both outer space AND Neptune while selling millions of records and concert tickets in the process. Quiet as its kept, however, George Clinton’s initial approach to the ladies was crooning (when he wasn’t cutting hair) as the leader of a standup vocal group he formed in `55 called The Parliaments, emulating the doo wop and love songs that were popular when he was in diapers (well…he STILL wears those on occasion). What is there left for the North Cackalackee-born grandfather of funk to do after four decades of rockin’ steady on the one? He can dip back to an era of sweet street corner soul that was his initial inspiration, take some folks back into time while blowing their minds THIS TIME with new spins on the standards – with a mothership full of special guests that completely have his back! We’re talkin’ Carlos Santana, Sly Stone, El DeBarge, Kim Burrell, the RZA (of Wu Tang Clan), Shavon (from System of a Down) and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – not to mention P-Funk stalwarts such as Belita Woods and Gary Shider! It’s a concept he calls George Clinton and The Gangsters Of Love, produced by Bobby Eli and George Clinton – a blue light grind in da basement that marks the first in a series of special projects for Shanachie Entertainment. “I’m actually just trying to stay ahead of the game,” George says, posted up in the studio of co-producer Mark Bass (Eminem, 50 Cent), “`cuz ALL of this music is coming back like I knew it would. Mark and I figured we’d mix some doo-wop, hip hop and techno doo wop and call it ‘re bop!’ I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.” Techno doo wop? “That’s when you play a slow ballad groove against a triple time beat. I first did that on ‘How Late Do You Have to Be Before You’re Absent.'” George was very purposeful in the diversity of his special guests. “I didn’t want the record to be ‘nostalgic,'” he states. “I wanted to merge the old school with the new school. Some of the kids didn’t even know the original songs, so they did them their own way.” George calls his rag tag assemblage of talents the Gangsters of Love. “Today, everybody wants to get their gangsta on,” he says. “Gangsters never want to admit that they’re in love, so they play it off. I’m trying to give them something they can take back to their ladies but still keep it gangsta.” Thus the decades spanning boomerang ride of George Clinton and Some Gangsters of Love – songs dear to George’s heart such as the late, great Johnny Ace’s “Pledging my Love” from the `50s, Motown marvel Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t That Peculiar” from the `60s and Maestro of Love Barry White’s “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” from the `70s. George Clinton sings Barry White? You’ve got be kidding, right? “The Barry White song was hard as hell,” he admits! “I had to do some for real work to get the intonation along with the groove. I’m really proud of it. I don’t know if I can do it on the stage yet (laughs), but we’ll see. People forget that I sang lead on ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ and ‘Knee Deep.’ I knew I still had it!” The jump off for George to seriously pursue this kind of music again came from a multiartist one-off project he participated in a couple of years back called A Soulful Tale of Two Cities: Detroit and Philadelphia, on which he sang former Delfonics member Major Harris’ ebony boudoir classic “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” (produced by Bobby Eli). “I surprised myself when I pulled that off,” he says. Now on Gangsters of Love, he cruises through Ruby & The Romantics’ “Our Day Will Come,” Tommy Edwards’ “It’s All in The Game” and The Heartbeats’ “A Thousand Miles Away.” Most of the rhythm tracks and George’s vocals were laid in the Philadelphia studio of Bobby Eli (a Philly Soul veteran whose credits stretch from Blue Magic to Atlantic Starr). And then there are many friends with whom George linked up in various stops along his travels. “I did ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ with RZA and the Chili Peppers out in L.A. while I was working on some soundtrack stuff for Quentin Tarantino,” he shares. “We cut it at the guitar player’s house! Then I hooked up with Sly where he lives now back in Northern California. He sang on ‘Ain’t That Peculiar,’ but plays keyboards all over the project.” Having his old friend Sly on the record – an icon he has collaborated with on several past occasions, most significantly the early `80s club jams “Hydraulic Pump” and “Pumpin’ it Up” – was very special for George. “Being on my record is the first thing Sly has done on record since…forever! He had a lot of fun singing with El DeBarge. A couple of songs came out so good he wanted to keep them for himself! He did a version of ‘Fever’ and added lyrics that relate to global warming. He has such perfect vocal pitch, when uses a vocoder it’s better than anybody I’ve ever heard. Sly showed me a lot about vocals, made me work even harder.” George was also able to do tracks on home turf back in Detroit, including remakes of two of his songs: “Heart Trouble” (a `60s hit for The Parliaments) and “Mathematics of Love.” “I originally wrote ‘Mathematics’ for Michael Jackson around the time of his Dangerous album, but me and the P-Funk All Stars wound up recording that upbeat version on our CD T.A.P.O.A.F.O.M (The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Mothership) in 1996. On Gangsters of Love, we slowed it down to a ballad for Kim Burrell, one of the greatest gospel singers in the world today.” George was in for another surprise when he sent Carlos Santana a tape intending for him to play on a remake of the `50s hit “Sway,” but the guitar legend gravitated to another track altogether. “Carlos never even made it to ‘Sway,'” George recalls. ‘Gypsy Woman (a 1961 smash for the vocal trio The Impressions led by a young Curtis Mayfield) also happened to be on that tape. Carlos had been dreaming of doing a version of that song which I did not know because Curtis is my all-time favorite songwriter, other than Smokey Robinson.” The music of Gangsters of Love is at the service of bringing love back to the people – people more in need of it now than ever before. “Blue Lights in the Basement is about making love to the point where you don’t feel ashamed to take out a ukelele and serenade your lady,” George schools – “to get down on one knee and ask her to marry you…or beg her for some p**sy! When rappers are rappin’ about ‘my bitch’ – I don’t care how gangster they think they are – they’re still trying to impress a girl. They’re just using another language – and the girls of their generation don’t have a problem with it! I made the mistake of trying to tell some young bloods on the street not to talk that way in front of the ladies. They looked at me like, ‘Oh, no, here comes ‘Captain Save-a-Hoe!'” Thankfully, George Clinton is in possession of the street cred to reintroduce concepts of timeless romance to a near-clueless generation. His classics such as “Flashlight,” “Atomic Dog,” “Get Off Your Ass and Jam” and “Aqua Boogie” have been covered and sampled by so many rockers, rappers and turntable scratchers that they’re like new tunes today. His plan is to include a couple of songs from Gangsters of Love in a showcase smack in the middle of his patented funk fests. “There will be a point in the middle of the show where we slow it down – like when Prince sat on a stool and played ‘Little Red Corvette’ on acoustic guitar. I have to be real careful not to get too excited before that because that’s when my voice gets real heavy. So I’ll have to do like the 1978 tour when we had Junie Morrison rehearsing all the Parliament-Funkadelic songs so I can hit them with the soft stuff. I’ve also considered doing some lounges because it’s funny as hell to think of P-Funk in that light. We have some very good jazz musicians in the band. I could actually do a show like that which would turn it into a club setting.” 68 years-young, George Clinton has several other projects in the hopper, including a salute to Motown and a solo album by longtime P-Funk All-Star siren Belita Woods. The master is also mindful that most of the folks whose songs he’s singing on Radio Friendly are no longer here, but he has no intention of joining them in Soul Heaven anytime soon. “I ain’t going nowhere,” he declares. “I feel like I’m starting over right now…for real!”

$49.50 - $69.00+
Sun, August 18, 2019 (7:00pm - 9:00pm PDT )
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic with Dumpstaphunk, Fishbone, Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
Mon, August 19, 2019 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT )
Closed for a Private Event
Closed for a Private Event

Brooklyn Bowl will be closed all day today for a private event. If you're interested in renting out our venue for a private event of your own, please email:

Tue, August 20, 2019 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT )
Restaurant and Bowling Open at 5pm with Happy Hour 5PM - 7PM and 11PM-CLOSE
Open at 5PM for Bowling, Food and Drinks!

Featuring food by New York's legendary Blue Ribbon, unrivaled happy hour offerings twice a night and 32 majestic hardwood lanes, Brooklyn Bowl is always a great night out! Check out our menu! Make a Reservation! Call 702.862.4748 or email to inquire about lane pricing and reservations!

Fri, August 23, 2019 (7:00pm - 1:00am PDT Saturday)
Ballyhoo!, Passafire with Kash'd Out
Summer Brewhaha 2019: Ballyhoo! & Passafire with special guest Kash'd Out

A rock band with punk energy and pop reggae grooves, Baltimore's BALLYHOO! are a fun, fan-loving powerhouse. These road dogs have tirelessly toured coast-to-coast taking their music to the people. Between the road and the studio, BALLYHOO! have crafted a sound distinctly their own; fresh, fun, and embodied by the soul of the party lifestyle. Lead singer and guitarist, Howi Spangler, has a reputation for mixing slick lyrics with his smooth but powerful voice. Drummer Donald Spangler lays out the hard-hitting beats. Scott Vandrey layers in the finishing touches to the band's signature sound on keys. The guys recently welcomed Nick Lucera as their new bass player. BALLYHOO! released their 5th studio album Pineapple Grenade on June 25th 2013. It broke through the Billboard Top 200 at #189 as well as reaching #4 Billboard Heatseekers and #5 at iTunes Alternative charts. The album features "No Good," produced by Rome Ramirez (Sublime with Rome) and mixed by Paul Leary (U2, Sublime); while the first single "Run" saw an early radio add from KRAB Bakersfield and early radio spins by KROQ Los Angeles, WHFS Baltimore, KTCL Denver, and KCXX Riverside among others. Alongside the album release, BALLYHOO! co-headlined the 2013 Summer Sickness Tour with Authority Zero and special guests Versus The World. Pineapple Grenade is the band's follow-up to the 2011 LAW Records release of "Daydreams," which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Reggae Charts and #4 on Amazon. BALLYHOO!'s unique yet melodic blend of genres, along with their hardcore devotion to the road and their fans have pitched them into snowballing success. The band has performed with a myriad of national touring acts; 311, Slightly Stoopid, SOJA, The Dirty Heads, Matisyahu, and more. Tour highlights include the 2011 311 Pow Wow Festival, the 2012 and 2013 311 Caribbean Cruise, Bamboozle 2012, 2012 Charm City Music Festival, 2013 Cali Roots Festival & the entire 2012 Vans Warped Tour. In 2011, after concluding the Last Calls and Liabilities tour with respected contemporaries, Pepper, they were honored with being included on the ever-popular Hollister Holiday Playlist. They were listed on MTV's Top 100 Bands to Watch and even featured 2 downloadable songs on the popular video game ROCK BAND.

$15.00 - $18.00+
Sat, August 24, 2019 (8:30pm - 10:30pm PDT )
Burlesque at The Bowl with ft. Masuimi Max, Chelsea La Vone, Angel Beau & more!
Burlesque at The Bowl

Burlesque at the Bowl returns on Saturday, Aug 24. Join us for an evening of scintillating performances from a renowned lineup of stars, including one of the top fetish and alternative models of all time, Mazuimi Max, plus Chelsea La Vone, Jesabelle Thunder, Angel Beau, Charlie Starling, Audrey Delux and Viva La Muerte. Hosted by Miss Karla Joy with Miz Hyjak and a musical performance by Thee Swank Bastards.

Sun, August 25, 2019 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT )
Closed for a Private Event
Closed for a Private Event

Brooklyn Bowl will be closed all day today for a private event. If you're interested in renting out our venue for a private event of your own, please email:

Mon, August 26, 2019 (5:00pm - 7:00pm PDT )
Closed for a Private Event
Closed for a Private Event

Brooklyn Bowl will be closed all day today for a private event. If you're interested in renting out our venue for a private event of your own, please email:

Wed, August 28, 2019 (7:00pm - 1:00am PDT Thursday)
Morgan Heritage
Morgan Heritage

The members of Morgan Heritage couldn’t have chosen a more fitting title for their latest album. Taken from one of the album’s songs, “Mission in Progress” couldn’t better encapsulate where the famed sibling group is at the moment: in transition. Mission in Progress captures the band as it tries to bottle the power of its live stage performance on disc; as it tries to fuse its older and younger audiences with an album that appeals to both; as it infuses its songs with a heavier dose of hip-hop; and it continues to bolster love for reggae music through romantic, street-wise and conscious songs built on slabs of spirituality. If anything, the groups seemed to have many missions in progress. Produced by Morgan Heritage (with a few songs helmed by Shane Brown and longtime friend and supporter Bobby Digital), Mission in Progress is, more than any of the band’s previous discs, the realization of its “rockaz” concept: reggae music with an edge. It arrives after the band’s second stint on the Vans Warped Tour, the most consistently successful festival in the States over the past 10 years, and a haven for harder-edge bands, especially punk acts. The give-and-take, tension-and-release moments the band has experienced on the Warped Tour comes across on Mission in Progress: the band made sure of it, replicating tricks they use onstage, like doubling a horn line with an electric guitar-thus giving a particular track a beefier sound. “I think this record is the most aggressive one that we’ve ever done,” says vocalist/keyboardist Una Morgan. “A lot of our inner feelings are on this record, on songs such as ‘The Fight,’ and ’12 Shots.’” “What we have worked on for the past three albums is to mainly bring the stage to record,” adds vocalist Peter “Jahpetes” Morgan. “A lot of people come to our shows and they’re like, ‘Wow, you sound so much better than your record, it’s unbelievable.’ And we’re like, ‘Wow, what is this difference that they’re noticing that’s not on the record?’ They say they love the records, but when they come to the concerts, they fall in love with the group all over again. “A lot of those punk bands we’ve toured with on the Warped tour,” he continues, “when you put their record on, it’s the same energy that you get. We generate such a vibration at our concerts that it’s unreal, so we’ve learned that you can get that on record.” But the record isn’t only aggressive. It veers from the hard-hitting and gritty to the straight-up romantic on songs like “Love You Right.” Says Una, “I love that song, it’s just a song between a man and a woman, and it just talks about how I’m loving what you did to me.” “Mr. Francois” is a testimonial from vocalist/percussionist Memmalatel “Mr. Mojo” Morgan, whose MC skills take on a bigger presence than ever before on Mission in Progress. The impassioned track remembers a regrettable marijuana bust in Europe that left the band and a member of its crew in hot water. Says Peter, “He felt so guilty, and wrote this song that blew us all away, and even brought tears to our eyes, because of how true the song is. That’s why we call our music ‘life music,’ it’s not just gimmicks and ‘sex you up.’ We write love songs and different types of music, but the majority of the time we try and make our music relate to anyone.” If keyboardist/vocalist Roy “Gramps” Morgan revealed a powerful, inner cry side to his rich, deep voice on Buju Banton’s “23rd Psalm,” he does the same on the Mission in Progress track “Don’t Make Me.” Meanwhile, the title track sums up where the band is at the moment, says Peter: “We know there’s a higher mission in progress,” he says. “There’s a mission in progress. What’s the mission? Jah mission, led by the most high. We know there is a god, and there is a purpose to life, and we know your riches are stored in Zion.” Elsewhere, the disc features reimagined, renamed covers of songs by Steel Pulse (“Blues Dance Raid”) and Jimmy Cliff (“You Can Get It If You Really Want”). “It’s a motivational song, an inspirational song that says that once you believe in anything, you can do it if you really want it,” Una says of the latter. “It’s one of my favorites because it’s a driving force behind what Morgan Heritage has evolved into right now.” Comprised of five offspring of reggae veteran Denroy Morgan, Morgan Heritage is comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Una, vocalist Peter (“Jahpetes”), keyboardist/vocalist Roy (“Gramps”), rhythm guitarist Nakhamyah (“Lukes”) and vocalist/MC/percussionist Memmalatel (“Mr. Mojo”). Born in Brooklyn’s tough Bushwick neighborhood, the band’s five members were raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, and spent their summer vacations back in New York’s hippest outer borough, where they returned after high school. “Brooklyn and Jamaica,” the first single from Mission in Progress, is the first song to represent both the old neighborhood and their home for the past 11 years: Jamaica. “We’ve never written a song about where we come from and what we know about what we come from. Finally, it’s time to write a song about where we come from,” says Peter, who sings on the track “We don’t know nothing about Beverly Hills/We don’t know about working for the system/We don’t know about life on Miami Beach/But we can tell you about the streets/Just ask me about Brooklyn.” The brothers and sisters came together for the first time professionally in 1982, when they recorded their first songs. “When people first heard the combination of Una, Peter and Gramps’ vocals, how they blended together, it was like magic,” says Mr. Mojo. “Everybody in our dad’s band was blown away that these guys could sound so good at such an early age.” The band signed to MCA Records in 1992 (following a much-talked about performance at Jamaica’s Reggae Sunsplash festival), issuing its debut album, Miracles, in 1994, triggering one of the most impressive streaks in modern-day reggae since. In a dozen years, the band has racked up several hits in Jamaica and abroad, thanks in part to collaborations with such lauded Jamaican producers as Lloyd “King Jammy” James and Bobby Digital. Through such singles as “Let’s Make Up,” “Don’t Haffi Dread,” “Down by the River” and “What We Need Is Love,” as well as such discs as 2001’s More Teachings and 2005’s Full Circle (both of which enjoyed extended stays in the Top 10 on Billboard’s reggae albums chart), the band has emerged as a bridge between reggae’s rich history and its promising future. Raised with intensive vocal and instrumental training, the Morgan children were exposed to everything from the godfathers of roots reggae to top 40 American radio: everything from Duran Duran and Tears for Fear to Metallica and Van Halen. “Morgan Heritage is a roots-reggae band,” says Gramps. “There’s a lot of rock and roll influence, but also a lot of R&B influence, and a lot of gospel influence. Vocally, it’s more like an R&B influence: James Ingram, Sam Cooke, Charlie Wilson, Stevie Wonder, New Edition, Sade, whatever was Top 40 in the ‘80s. That whole pack, that whole bundle is in Morgan Heritage.” “The main point in Mission in Progress,” says Gramps, “is that we’re on a musical mission, trying to take reggae to the next level, and put our stamp, and mark our history in reggae. Yeah, a lot of reggae bands have been here, and have come and gone. And there’s a lot coming, a lot here: There’s reggae bands from all over the world. You got German reggae bands, Italian reggae bands, Canadian reggae bands, Brazilian reggae bands. So what does Morgan Heritage bring to the table? We bring reggae music that rocks.”

$22.00 - $328.13
Fri, August 30, 2019 (7:00pm - 1:00am PDT Saturday)
Lisa Lisa with Trinere, Connie, Nocera
Lisa Lisa

When one thinks of Latin pop icons with distinct vocals and a large influence on the music and world communities, it’s not surprising that the legendary Lisa Lisa is the first name that comes to mind. Historically acknowledged as the originator of the Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle genre, Lisa Lisa gave rise to powerhouse divas such as, Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Selena, and Jennifer Lopez. Born and raised in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, Lisa Velez had grown up dreaming of someday being a performer. Lisa fearlessly pursued those dreams and at the age of 16, snuck out of her family apartment to head to a local club called The Fun House, which at that time served as a haven for local break dancers and rappers. Hearing that Madonna was discovered at The Fun House, Lisa Lisa knew that hat her call to fame could be at the same club, and she was right. At The Fun House, Lisa gained the attention of Mike Hughs, a member of Full Force. However, Lisa Lisa didn’t know at the time that this relationship would catapult her into a super successful, lifelong career in the music industry. Full Force was in need of a singer, which presented a great opportunity for Lisa Lisa. She was asked to audition and was welcomed into the group with open arms. During the course of her career, Lisa has also been featured in many television shows, starring for two years on the Nickelodeon network’s “Taina” and has appearing in numerous Broadway and Off Broadway shows. Still making records and performing today, Lisa Lisa is far from finished. Her genuine persona exudes through her music, embracing the fans into a care-free environment. It is no wonder Lisa Lisa has and will continue to reign as the Queen of Latin Hip-Hop. With six top selling albums and more than 20 million records sold worldwide, this international superstar and leader of one of the biggest dance-pop/R&B groups ever is still blessing the stages across the country with her high energy style performance that will have you engulfed in the music from “Head To Toe”.

$40.00 - $60.00+