Logo Design Challenge

Logo Challenge

It Began With a Norwegian Designer

A few weeks ago I scanning the daily posts from all of my favorite online graphic design publications in bed and I ran across a project that made me sit up in bed. I had an epiphany moment.  Since I’ve been working on revamping my website and am going through a slow period with clients, it spoke to me.

Getting Started with 60x60x60

What and who was it that did this to me, you ask? It was a designer from Oslo named Karoline Tynes. She did a project for 60 days. Each day, she made one logo in 60 minutes or less. While her style is different from mine in many ways, her project and designs inspired me. A few days later, I started 60x60x60 to keep up my design chops, and help me re-motivate! Most of these company names are fictional and made up by friends and me. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, please visit our contact page. I’ll be updating as the project continues, so make sure to keep coming back!

Day 18. Stonewolf Studios

Stonewolf Studios Lighting

Stonewolf Studios: Lighting Design

Concept: Stonewolf Studios is a one-man international lighting studio based in Chicago, Illinois.

Day 17. Stories on the Move

Stories on the Move Logo

Stories on the Move: Interactive Movement Story Time for Kids

Day 16. Time Lord Virtual Assistance

Time Lord Virtual Assistance logo by Barefaced Design

Time Lord Virtual Assistance: Meddling With the Past to Get it Done Fast!

Concept: Combining a passion for organization and assistance with a geeky love for all things Dr. Who!

Day 15. Mangia Mania Italian

Mangia Mania logo by Barefaced Design

Mangia Mania logo by Barefaced Design

Concept: Family friendly Italian dining in your neighborhood. With both a store front and a food truck, you can eat your favorite Italian food when and wherever you’d like!

Day 14. Elementary – Childhood Learning Assistance

Elementary Logo by Barefaced Design

Elementary – Childhood Learning Assistance.

Concept: Elementary is an extra-curricular learning facility for kids between the ages of 5 and 11 who need additional help at their current level, or wish to advance past their current level of learning.

Day 13. AX•S  Vino

AX•S Vino Logo by Barefaced Design

AX•S Vino: A Delicious Red Blend

Concept: AX•S Vino, a delicious new red wine blend for wine lovers on a budget.

Day 12.  StrongBOX

StrongBox logo design by Barefaced Design

StrongBOX: A Home Safe Solutions Company

Concept: StrongBOX sells their in-wall and stand-alone safe solutions to homeowners and renters. Their products are fire safe, and provide protection for all of your most important documents and keepsakes.

Day 11.  String Theory Ramen Shoppe

String Theory Ramen Shoppe logo design by Barefaced Design

String Theory: A Local Ramen Shop to Sate the Pickiest Eater

Concept: Anyone who loves soup and Japanese Ramen will love this new local shop. Providing family friendly options along with the traditional Ramen many have come to know and love, String Theory is a great choice for both delivery and takeout.

Day 10.  Pools Rush In

Pools Rush In logo design by Barefaced Design

Pools Rush In: A Pool Cleaning and Repair Service

Concept: A full-service pool cleaning and repair service, Pools Rush In is there for anyone who has a pool and need help with maintenance!

Day 9.  Something Blue Wedding Planning

Something Blue Wedding Planning logo design by Barefaced Design

Something Blue: All of your wedding planning needs in one place.

Concept: Every bride wants the perfect wedding. However, planning a wedding one your own can be overwhelming. Something Blue consults with you on every aspect of your wedding while providing excellent service at competitive rates.

Day 8.  Bee Mine Natural Baby Care

Bee Mine logo design by Barefaced Design

Bee Mine: a Natural Baby Care company that cares as much about your baby as you!

Concept: You love your baby, and want only the best for them. We’re here to provide you with the peace of mind that only natural and organic products can bring. Whether you’re treating diaper rash or shampooing their hair, we have a product that safely and effectively fits your needs.

Day 7.  Hit the Roof (Roofers)

Hit the Roof logo design by Barefaced Design

Hit the Roof: Home and Commercial Roofers

Concept: Your local roofing experts, Hit the Roof’s roofers are perfect for your next home or commercial roofing project.

Day 6.  Jacket Code

Jacket logo design by Barefaced Design

Jacket Code: Fine menswear without the hefty price tag.

Concept: Dressing with style shouldn’t cost a bundle. With Jacket Code, you can upload your measurements online and get perfectly tailored custom menswear delivered to your door. Why pay a bundle for fine clothing?

Day 5.  Gnome Garden Center

Gnome Garden Center logo design by Barefaced Design

Gnome Garden Center: All of your gardening needs in one place.

Concept: Why run around when all of your garden’s need can be found in one place? Find high-quality plants, all the tools you could need, and a bunch of great garden decor in one place!

Day 4.  Fox and Flower Fiber Art

Fox and Flower logo design by Barefaced Design

Fox and Flower: Unique and beautiful quilts and fiber art made lovingly by hand

Concept: Fox & Flower is a quilting and fiber arts company based in Lansing Michigan. Run by Lezlee Worthington, an artist for over 30 years, F&F creates unique art for every client!

Day 3.  Great Lakes Textiles, LLC

Great Lakes Textiles logo design by Barefaced Design

Great Lakes Textiles, LLC: Selling high quality fabric and textiles online at discounted rates

Concept: An online fabric retailer based in Michigan. Great Lakes Textiles, LLC, stocks high-quality outdoor fabrics and sells them to customers at a discounted rate.

Day 2.  Burger Bar

Burger Bar logo design by Barefaced Design

Burger Bar: Gourmet burgers and cocktails with a twist

Concept: Enjoy the best burgers you’ve ever had paired with the perfect cocktail. Burger Bar, hamburgers with a twist!

Day 1.  Tiki Banana Bar and Grill

Tiki Banana Bar & Grill logo design by Barefaced Design

Tiki Banana: Delicious food and drinks with a tropical flare

Concept: Get out of the cold and into the fun at Tiki Banana. Tropically inspired food and drinks to help you get in vacation mode any day of the week.


Make sure to come back and check out our latest designs each day!

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